History of Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer

Long ago, in England, a ginger-lover decided that gingerbread and ginger snaps were not enough to satisfy his cravings for the exotic spice. So he distilled a ginger elixir – the liquid essence of ginger, and called it ginger beer. It had a curious combination of sweetness and tartness, body without weight, satisfying to the taste but not filling and non-alcoholic.

Ginger beer imports were hard to find here in America and so Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer was born. It was developed by a man named Jack Morgan, owner of the famous Cock’n Bull Restaurant in Hollywood.

In the 1940’s, Jack Morgan and John G. Martin of Heublein, a major spirits distributor, sat down for a drink. Jack Morgan wanted to introduce America to Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer and John Martin had the uphill challenge of marketing his newly acquired Smirnoff Vodka to Americans who preferred whiskey and gin. To boost sales of their individual products, the men created the classic drink we now refer to as the Moscow Mule. An authentic Moscow Mule is made with Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer, vodka and lime and served over ice in an original Cock’n Bull copper mug. The drink was named the Moscow Mule after vodka’s Russian heritage and Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer’s added kick.

Over the years Cock’n Bull has added to their family of fine products. All of Cock’n Bull’s products are made with natural ingredients, real sugar and are caffeine free. Enjoy one of the 5 varieties in our family of fine products today!

Watch this video to see how our famous cocktail originated

John G. Martin, who introduced Smirnoff vodka to the American public, explains how he and Jack Morgan, owner of the Cock’n Bull Restaurant, created the famous Moscow Mule and how the copper mug became part of the tradition.